An MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN Education

Author: Frank Palacio

ISBN 978-0-578-92612-4 (softcover)
978-0-578-92949-1 (eBook)

144 pages

Every television news or radio station I tuned into seemed to be using the same words and terms, such as: canary in the coal mine, cancel culture, conflate, contextualize, deflect, deep state conspiracy theory, pivot, political calculus, messaging, racial reckoning, structural racism, weaponize, white privilege, woke, and so on. I had to figure them out and learn them like a new language. Some were easy but others needed much more effort! Being a fairly intelligent person, as well as a teacher, I used my college background in: English, economics, political science, plus two years of law school. Combined with my love for learning, I listened actively to the news, taking notes, and consulting Google regularly whenever I have doubts or need information. I am now able to understand the evening news! Hence, I came up with the idea for this book and named it “An MSN, Fox News, And CNN Education: Words and Terms for the Educated and Uneducated used by Cooper, Cuomo, D. Lemon, and More.” I decided to compile a list that would help any listener, who seeks self-improvement and who wants to learn to use these words, terms, and sayings in context.

Frank Palacio is a prolific author and teacher at a public school in Los Angeles, California, a position he held for 23 years.  He is a graduate of both California State University of Los Angeles, and Chapman University. He was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in Education. Frank was one of a select group of teachers chosen to attend the UCLA Writing Project as a fellow in 2005. Frank is also a musical composer, singer, and recorded artist. He is also a social media enthusiast and his posts have been liked, shared, and commented on over a million times! His work is available to peruse or download at

Writing this book was a journey and an adventure because of the many interesting things that I learned in the process of doing research for the final product. I had to decide what to include and what to omit at each turn.  Part of the challenge was to write a book that was more than just a dictionary of words and terms that are used on the news.  I wanted to make the book more interactive and engaging by including profiles of famous people that the reader might have heard of so that there is a shared common experience; and if not, then the reader might want to read about their work and appreciate their talent, the way I have.

I particularly enjoyed writing the essay part of this book because it was cathartic. As a society we have been through a lot due to: protests, near civil unrest, pandemic, politics, racial reckoning, and on and on. We all deserve to hold ourselves accountable and even more so our politicians, for the type of country we would like to have or evolve into.

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