Blonde Broads

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-62137-983-6 (softcover)

238 Pages



Blonde Broads is a sequel to the books Silver Sisters, Gray Girls and White Women. Lucy works part time. Mona and Cheryl are retired. Karen is deceased. These four women used to guide others in the areas of smoking cessation, exercise, weight loss, self-esteem, and absence of drug and alcohol usage. They have turned these tasks to others in the hospital.

The women also pass knowledge and experience to their children and grandchildren. The families now number almost fifty members with strong individual qualities and characteristics. Their lives are interwoven to appear as one huge family. Joe, the hospital administrator, and Dr. Tony continue to represent hope of progress and healing.

Blonde Broads loses another one of their team, this time to a fatality. Also with this book there is a focus upon seven blonds who are family and friends to the four original Silver Sisters. Rodger, Renee, and Powell, along with their teacher Babette and others, are new to the scene and take a ride down the path of drugs and alcohol. The drama unfolds as Babette learns to let go of her need to control her students.

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