Don't Act Like Dad

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-947532-30-4 (softcover); 978-1-947532-31-1 (eBook)

185 pages

"Don’t Act Like Dad" is about Bipolar. Annie was much like her father and hated by her mother. All Annie ever wanted was to be loved and for her mother to stop saying “Don’t Act Like Dad.”

Annie remembered many hateful things about her father. He was cruel to animals. He used to beat the cows for shitting in the barn. He would shock himself with the electrical fence.  He had sex with other women and drank alcohol as often as possible He drove the pickup recklessly.

Annie did start acting like her father. She had wild sex. She had lots of energy and got lots of work done. She went on shopping sprees. But other times she wanted to sleep more. She did not enjoy her hobbies. She would be argumentative and hateful to others she worked with in the laboratory.
Annie needed professional help. She was hospitalized for suicidal idealization.


Nancy Price was employed as a medical technologist for forty years. She has retired from drawing blood samples, looking through a microscope and cross matching units of blood for surgical procedures. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband where retirement has given her the time to pursue her hobbies one of which is breeding the iris – the Rainbow flower. She still misses the fast pace and excitement of the laboratory, but delights in seeing a new iris in her seedling patch.

Category: bipolar

Type: books

Vendor: Nancy Price

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