Hotline to God - A WWII Veteran's Story

Author: Ken Wiley

ISBN 978-1-949756-95-1 (hardcover)

146 pages

America was a Christian nation and responded to the call from the free world, being slaughtered and enslaved by brutal Dictators and War Lords. Caught unprepared with an Army and with a demolished Navy, they were not only the underdog, but almost a no-show.

  • The handful of Rag-Tag Navy and Marines held on and actually stopped the great Japanese Imperial military, until the 130 million Americans pulled production miracle after production miracle, in less than six months.
  • Enter the planes that equalized the unbeatable Zero. From nowhere came the mighty American Amphibious Force of ships and landing craft Lacking time to build enough large, fast carriers, America added Baby Carriers, which could fight with the big boys and keep them supplied in planes and replacement crews.
  • The great sea battles of Midway and the Philippines, turning out in America’s favor were not just a credit to our ingenuity. They helped shorten the war.
  • The greatest miracle was the timely development of the Atomic bomb. If it had been two months later, the Americans would have tried to land on Japan and our entire amphibious force would have been destroyed. It not only ended the war, but delayed World War III for at least half a century.


KEN WILEY WAS BORN IN 1925 and grew up in the depression of the 30s. He was one of five brothers in WW II. He was a Cox'n of an LCVP, off the Attack Transport, USS Author Middleton, APA-25 for 20 months in the Pacific, making seven invasion campaigns. Ken is president of The Appalachian High Country World War II Roundtable; organized THE LOCAL VETERANS VIIDEO MUSEUM and Co-Hosts the Veterans Voice, TV show. After the war, he used his GI bill to attend Hillsboro College, Texas A&M University and Finish his engineering work at Oklahoma State University. He serves as president of the AHCWW II Roundtable and Co-Hosts a television show VETERANS VOICE. He and his fellow WW II veterans speak to students regularly. He is married, has six daughters, ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  

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Vendor: Ken Wiley

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