In the Wiggle Room

Author: Leslie Miklosy

ISBN 978-1-947532-09-0 (softcover)

170 pages


Imagine you’re stuck, needing some “wiggle room” to maneuver. Wouldn’t it be great if a few choice words could work their magic by offering new possibilities? By challenging your preconceptions and limitations, and enlarging your view of the world?

In this new collection of original life reflections — an often quirky assortment of 167 little sayings, six short essays, and one poem, illustrated with whimsical drawings — you’re invited to take a delightful journey exploring such themes as orienting to the positive, relating to self and loved ones, dealing with problems and solutions, reflecting on aging and time, and coming to terms with the mystery of existence.

Some examples from In the Wiggle Room:

If someone opens their heart

And invites you in,

Make sure it’s spacious accommodations.


In dreams and reality both,

I enter an emotional landscape,

And fill it with disposable content.


Dive into newness

And discover another you.

 “Life’s wisdom arrives with many voices, and is often as personal as it is universal. Such a chorus is Leslie Miklosy’s In the Wiggle Room … At times wry, other times raw and unflinching, the read is always as rewarding as it is illuminating.”   

--Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering


Leslie Miklosy likes to play with words and ideas. He is an aphorist and essayist, and occasional poet, interviewer, and joke writer.

 Leslie has worked as a publications assistant at a major philanthropy, as office administrator of a psychotherapy and training institute, manager of a spiritually-oriented bookstore, desk clerk at luxury hotels, census worker, and elementary school substitute teacher.

Leslie is mostly retired and lives in North Carolina.

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Vendor: Leslie Miklosy

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