My Lady Soul

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN: 978-1-62137-786-3 (Softcover)

300 Pages

Annie was a retired health care worker. She has seen people born and die. Many times, it seems like such a waste of life to see patients die early in life or die because of an accident or suicide. Annie has faced many trials in her life time, too. She became interested in the spirit world ten years ago and continued her enthusiasm for learning new information. Of curiosity was past life regressions. She wanted to go to a "real" hypnotherapist and have a "real" past life regression, but those were lengthy, expensive and required traveling. So she decided to go it alone. She assumed there were others who must be interested in past life regression as well. Annie sorted through her information and realized how much she was influenced by Vincent van Gogh and began reading about her infatuation. This led to even more research of others in her life's readings. It was an exciting adventure. She only studied the last 250 years of her existence. What is there to uncover from years before this?

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Nancy Price

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