My Villages: The Poetry of Carolyn Evans Campbell

Author: Carolyn Evans Campbell

ISBN 978-1-62137-610-1 (softcover)

124 pages

In her sixth book of poetry, Carolyn Evans Campbell believes we are all born into a village, a community of family. It is our first awareness, first light, our first discoveries. Our many villages, remembered or imagined, grow with us throughout time. I often slip into the lives of the people living in the distant past an experience their joys and struggles, loves and losses. Then as now, the childhood places we knew so well ultimately become a village of polished bones, all connected one way or another - and smiling.

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Carolyn Evans Campbell, a native of Colorado, is a teacher, writer, and poet in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. She has received major recognition, including the Colorado Boo Award, Pearl Poetry Prize, the Top Hand Award for five consecutive years from the Colorado Authors League, finalist for the WIlla Literary Award, and the Hackney Literary Award.

Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

Type: books

Vendor: Carolyn Evans Campbell

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