Odds Bodkins

Author: Clara M. Miller

ISBN 978-1-60264-453-3 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-454-0 (hardcover)

356 pages

Continuing the story of the Quigley family, we join Rory and his family after he'd returned from Bailecath. 1970 was a bad year for Rory but, in spite of that, he wouldn't have changed a thing because he'd acquired a son and a daughter. Mawdie was an extraordinary ten year old orphan from Belfast while Lily was a four year old disabled Vietnamese orphan. Things were looking up until Rory realized he was still a target for demons. That didn't bother him as much as Lily's encounter with a huge snake. Though she was saved by a mysterious clown named Odds Bodkins, his anxiety about the demons going after his children was agonizing. The appearance of the clown, however, had a strange effect on Mawdie. It sent his mind back to his time in Belfast. It was up to Rory, Lily and their cousin, Jimmy, to help the boy deal with his past. What the future would be would take second-place until Mawdie felt better. But the future loomed suddenly in front of them with a threatening cloud. Could the Quigleys win again?


Clara Miller was born in Buffalo, New York. In 1970 she and her family moved to a haunted house in southern New York State. The house became the subject of her first book, “Echoes of a Haunting.” The experience precipitated a move west to California in 1975 where she worked for the City of Santa Clara until 1990. In December of that year she retired to the central Oregon coastal community of Florence with her mother, Ann. Their dog "Dear" Abby serves as their guardian angel. Regrettably, Miss Kitty died of kidney failure in May, 2008 at the advanced age of 18. She has a fill-in (but not a replacement) named Keely. This is a phonetic version of her true name: Caoileigh which means beautiful in Gaelic. The name is very accurate.

Category: Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Clara M. Miller

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