Of Jonah and One Whale of a New and Terrifying Prophecy

Author: The Pacific Desperado

ISBN 978-1-951985-15-8 (softcover)

86 pages

Prophecy can be a hazardous occupation—not only for Jonah [in the Old Testament] but for modern prognosticators as well. A fictional example of the latter appears in Dan Brown’s 2017 novel, Origin. Its protagonist (a professional “futurist”) purports to explain where the Human Race has come from and where are we headed. The story hinges on a disruptive hypothesis, devised by a [non-fictive, i.e. real] MIT professor, Jeremy England: it combines two heretofore disparate theories—one, a tenet of modern physics, Entropy, and the other, Evolution. Basically, Professor England tells us that Entropy, not natural selection for more intelligent species, is actually responsible for Evolution. And not only that: Entropy may very soon doom the Human Race to extinction by Heat Death. In other words, a highly regarded scientist is telling us that, due to a chain of events ultimately culminating in the Industrial Revolution, we, the Human Race, may have no choice but to cash in our chips.

However, in this book, the Pacific Desperado suggests that, first of all, this process is NOT irreversible—but that to change the course of history we must act very, very quickly—RIGHT NOW!—or we may soon be TOAST!

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