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One Wave at a Time

Authors: Ed Atkin, Bernie Houston

ISBN 0-9666066-1-2

412 Pages



It has been great fun organizing our collection of letters, accounts, thoughts and memories into this tale of an incredible 20-year adventure; reliving a tropical paradise, exploring a rain forest, a high mountain. Fleeing in terror from pirates. Camping with wild animals in Africa. It began so long ago. How very little we knew of the life ahead. How our senses would be stretched and filled. We have experienced so much more than we ever envisioned. Now we find ourselves at another crossroads. What do we really want to do next- we have hardly more than scratched the surface of this wonderful planet? Shall we go on traveling and exploring? Should we make short or long trips? Visit warm climes, or cold? Establish a land base? A permanent home for Oriana? In the United States? On which coast? In which State? How about New Zealand or South Africa? We are planners and dreamers. Travelers, explorers and provisioners. Savers and innovators. Foragers, readers, relaxers...loners. The drummer we followed: a child, unbound. Our world only limited by imagination. How could we ever be the same?

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