Perfect Dream

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-947532-92-2 (eBook)

978-1-947532-91-5 (softcover) 

190 pages

Perfect Dream is about friendships. Annie meets Vincent van Gogh, Clarence Mahan, Tommy C. Berry, and Eugene Wheeler. Each contribute to her life. Vincent and Clarence are ghosts. Eugene is also a ghost but in limbo and regressing in time.

Annie is also planning to live in Oregon with Chuck. Annie loves irises. She also enjoys writing. She helps Tommy and Eugene with the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery. Annie bonds with Eugene the most. The two of them have a past to resolve.

Tommy and Annie work together in a laboratory in Oregon. This is one more facet of her life. Vincent with flowers, especially iris, Clarence and his association with writing and irises, Tommy with A.A. and work, and Eugene with alcoholism and bipolar illness all unfold in this book.


Nancy Price was employed as a medical technologist for forty years. She has retired from drawing blood samples, looking through a microscope and cross matching units of blood for surgical procedures. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband where retirement has given her the time to pursue her hobbies one of which is breeding the iris – the Rainbow flower. She still misses the fast pace and excitement of the laboratory, but delights in seeing a new iris in her seedling patch.

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