Public Schools Have Stories Too!

Author: Jacqueline L. Smith

ISBN 978-1-60264-883-8 (softcover)

Many teachers and parents agree that a lot has changed in the school setting over the years. Unexpected issues, emotional concerns and peer pressure can get in the way of education. This makes it crucial for parents and school officials to listen to students as they are trying to express their concerns. Although many students find it difficult to talk to their parents and teachers, they often realize help is necessary to navigate the problems they face every day. This book can be helpful for parents, students and teachers who are looking for answers in today's society.


I wrote this book to share true stories about the problems students face in public schools. When I was in public school in Brooklyn, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts, I became reluctant to go to class due to the problems I faced. Even though it wasn't always easy, I met and learned from many good teachers and students.
This book focuses on the many challenges students face every day. Many students are reluctant to talk about them and think parents and teachers "just don't understand." I hope this book will help bridge that gap and allow students to realize parents and teachers faced the same pressures and difficulties during their formative years and can use their experiences to help.

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Type: books

Vendor: Jacqueline L. Smith

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