Rg Veda

Author: Edward Ford

ISBN: 978-1-62137-683-5

390 Pages


Sanskrit is the ancient language of India, the language in which the great Buddhist and Hindu texts are written, yet it is also considered to be a European language and therefore it forms the bedrock of our world society at least as far as literature is concerned. The Rg Veda or “The Kings Wisdom” is usually regarded as the earliest of the great sanskrit texts. I, however, would translate the Rg Veda as “The Gentle Wisdom,” and so it founds the basis of the faith of our world society as it unfolds its wings and leads us in flight as we venture forth together in the age of gentleness.

Hell is dissolved before a man resolved. We’ve come now to the age of gentleness.

Category: Non-Fiction, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ford

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