Shi Pratini - Painter and Designer

Author: James E. Sanders

ISBN 978-1-60264-145-7 (hardcover)

 68 pages


To say Shirley May Shi Pratini left an imprint on the art world would be an understatement. Her work spans the globe, with over 300 paintings across Europe and North America. Therefore, this book is to celebrate the life and creative spark of Shi Pratini and serve as an archive of some of her work. Included in this book are only 25 paintings; the whereabouts of the other 275+ are unknown. Hopefully, this publication will help locate owners in order to add to this archive of her legacy. Own a piece of Shi Pratini's art? Know someone else who does? If so, we would like to include it in our archive. Please send the pertinent details to

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: James E. Sanders

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