Socrates' Prison Journal

Author: D.R. Khashaba

ISBN 1-58939-848-3 (softcover)

220 pages

Socrates spent thirty days in prison awaiting execution. The author makes Socrates keep a prison journal in which he seeks to sum up the meaning of his life and his life's work. In imaginative reminiscences, meditations and fictional conversations Socrates discusses aspects of his philosophy, clears up misunderstandings and answers objections - misunderstandings and objections that are as rife today as they were among Socrates' contemporaries and immediate followers.
With Aspasia, the beautiful and gifted wife of Pericles, Socrates discusses Protagoras' agnostic stance regarding the existence of the gods. Repeatedly he voices his hopes and his fears about what might become of his philosophy in the hands of Plato. In a prophetic dream Socrates even discusses with Aristotle the latter's criticisms of Socrates' moral philosophy. In conversations with Diotima of Mantinea the author creatively develops aspects of Socrates' and Plato's philosophy.
The notes appended to the journal explain for the benefit of the lay reader biographical and historical allusions and expand somewhat upon certain issues. An Appendix deals with Plato's account of the last moments of Socrates, which has been questioned by some scholars. Within its fictional framework, the book offers a philosophy addressing the human situation in the twenty-first century.


D.R. Khashaba, b. 1927, an independent philosopher, published Let Us Philosophize (1998) and Plato: An Interpretation (2005). Contributed numerous articles to Examined Life Online Journal, Philosophy Pathways, etc. Website: Weblog:
Khashaba, a widower with one daughter, Hanan, and one granddaughter, Farah, lives in his home country of Egypt.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: D.R. Khashaba

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