The Book of Genesis

Author: Edward Ford

ISBN 978-1-62137-622-4 (softcover)

516 pages

When we look back at history, we often think of wars and disasters such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius or the Black Plague. We do this so that as we realize all of the challenges that our world society has faced, we are encouraged and we become stronger. It was not always like this. World history contains thousands of years of peaceful agrarian and pastoral societies living in harmony with nature. Today our modernity is urban and, while many people can name different types of beers or cars, they cannot name different types of trees and grasses. And so thousands of new technological words have entered our vocabularies while agrarian and pastoral words have been lost. Many people who read the Book of Genesis are interested in the people in the Book of Genesis, primarily Adam and Eve. But in the following translation of the Book of Genesis I translate Adam as "of the red earth" and Eve as "life." So I focus on the garden in the garden of Eden. I hope this natural translation from the Hebrew will form the basis of many generations of people to get reacquainted with nature - and with the God who has commanded us to care for it.


Category: Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ford

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