The Iliad: Chapters A, B, G, and D

Author: Edward Ford

ISBN: 978-1-62137-658-3  (Softcover)

320 Pages

Homer's Iliad, which is usually translated as depicting the Trojan War with the great military heroes of Achilles' and Odysseus, may also be translated as depicting the power of knowledge as the Greek soldiers are led by the wise man and the clever man, and Achilles' greatest strength is his ability to forget. In life there are many things we must remember, and there are many things we must forget. As for me, I have suffered a colossal amount of physical brutality in my life, and I am not alone. We, as a world society, must not let our pasts get in the way of our receiving the blossoming future God offers every single one of us. There is no Trojan War in my translation of this, the first four chapters of the Iliad. Peace is here. Peace be with you.


Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ford

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