The Little Stream of Straum

Author: Dennis R. Winge

ISBN 978-1-62137-856-3 (softcover)

148 pages


Norwegian emigration in the 1800s is described in terms of the Straum family from the Skjold parish in Rogaland Norway. This family successfully operated the Straum farm for eight generations - beginning about 1600 - prior to their departure to America. During a period in Norwegian history when many individuals were forced to lease land and live as economic slaves, the Straums were stable, independent landholders. However, the lure of abundant, inexpensive land in America motivated their decision to vacate their homeland. Their emigration to America and subsequent pioneering in Mahaska and Story Counties in Iowa is a story typical of many Norwegian families from Rogaland. The Norwegian enclave of Palestine Township in Story County, Iowa, became a new Scandinavia for them. Considerable emphasis is placed on the family life in Norway, the influence of Quaker activism in the area around the Straum farm, on emigration, and pioneer life in Iowa for the Strom family.


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