The Rise of the African Children

"The Rise of African Children" is a mode of motivation, a wake-up call to all African leaders and all of Africa's citizens worldwide. This is an untold story about Africa. I have worked hard to break the silence about the unforgiving lives of Africa's people. I can relate to Africa's people because we share many similarities. Abraham Lincoln best expressed my sentiment saying, "A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have." This book is designed to demonstrate the unique crises millions of people face in Africa. This is the ideal companion for innocent people who are suffering because of poverty, civil wars, corrupted politics, child labor, child trafficking, child soldiers, ethnic or tribal conflicts, religious tension, HIV/AIDS, malaria, or one of many other diseases. We have failed Africans miserably. Now, only Africa's children can rise to unify Africans and restore justice, human rights, and a good solid governing. We have pointed fingers to others and forgot the roots of the African crisis.

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