The Secret Space in the White House

Author: Ken McGrath

ISBN 978-1-62137-962-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-963-8 (eBook)

208 Pages



The Secret Space in the White House was written from research, to show a gradual unraveling of a secret conspiracy, made to hide mystical information in U.S. printed currency, and a profoundly important government office. This was a more than forty-year period of study, which slowly unveiled a historical conspiracy of the 1930's. This conspiracy first appears between three men, two Bureau of Printing and Engraving career employees, and a well known private architect who was an outside contractor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the White House. Later information shows a fourth man, whose mathematical connecting part, shows the completed puzzle, in a obscurely-published book in 1952. This secret project put three different, precisely matching themes in mathematics, to hide mystical information on the $100 Dollar bill; in the Oval Office of the President in the White House; and on the new $1 Dollar bill, the current bill we use today. All of these messages used a simple, three-digit code that connected these three men and a fourth man to future events in the year 1936, and beyond. The secrets of the Eye over the Pyramid, the Mystery teachings, the Golden ratio, the use of Pi as a ratio, and many other things are revealed. Along the way a part of the prophetic timeline of pyramidology was unveiled, a great secret space made from the Great Pyramid offset, was built into the Oval Office and a reciprocal form of it was referenced in the $1 Dollar bill of 1935. Along the edges of this story are a possible connection, mathematically, to the Ark of the Covenant, the Coffer in the Kings chamber, along with the gold and silver ratio of our money, since 1837, made to show in math, the date of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Indeed, the whole story shows that date and 1776 was woven all through all four men's works as a sub rosa symbol, as a connecting idea. All of this is from evidence; all from detailed research. These men were leaving us symbols in our national currency and Presidential office, to ponder their meaning.

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