The Singer of Sjaelland

Author: Christian Winthers
Translated by: Edward Ford

ISBN 978-1-62137-335-3 (softcover)

All poetry is to be read aloud, viva voce, not in rote recitation; with feeling, with insight, with melody. Bobby Burns, for example, is a lilting melodious glory when read aloud. Christian Winther's words are equally melodious. He has been called the most Danish of Denmark's poets. Let us enjoy these Winther words that make all life seem a springtime. Sociologists report that the Danes are the happiest of people; perhaps it is because they enjoy the lyric poetry in which their literature abounds from a wealth of medieval ballads to the 'Golden Age' of lyric verse that culminated in the poetical works of Christian Winther. Or so it seems to me whenever I enjoy the musical settings of his poems. We invite you to enjoy his poetry along with us, now that it has been so melodiously rendered into English by Edward Ford.


Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ford

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