The Uncaused Cause

Author: Clara M. Miller

ISBN 978-1-60264-035-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-036-8 (hardcover)

424 pages

"The Uncaused Cause" is a re-telling of Genesis and Exodus through the eyes of the Old Man (T.O.M.). The first part (Genesis) describes the beginning of the beginning and clarifies why and how the highest Archangel in heaven chose to disobey and face exile from his Father and his Heavenly family rather than apologize and work with his Brothers rather than against them. The second part (Exodus) explains how the Daoine Sidhe first arrived on Earth and their trials and tribulations before settling first in Ireland and then in the Land of Faerie. The two stories interweave as do the characters.



Clara M. Miller was born in Buffalo, New York. In 1975 she moved to San Jose, California and, upon her retirement in 1990, made a final move to the coastal town of Florence, Oregon where she lives with her mother, Ann Miller and their bosses "Dear Abby", an interesting mix of various canine breeds and "Miss" Kitty who rules them all.

Category: Fiction, General, Religious

Type: books

Vendor: Clara M. Miller

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