Threading the Needle: A Veteran's Voice

Author: Ken Wiley

ISBN 978-1-947532-38-0 (hardcover)

226 pages


A needle without thread passes through, but does not hold or contain and is wasted. Grasp the learnings of life all the way from early childhood. They were provided to contain a solution for the barriers that you have to overcome later.

- Dora T. Wiley

This book describes events that have a purpose, as one insignificant character saw and lived them, as thread that eventually became productive solutions; Internationally, Nationally and individually, when related to God’s Time Table. The book has mystery, as you join the character in trying to determine how seemingly wrong choices at the time turned out to be the choice that provides the correct solution in the future.

There is history with dramatic changes in the twentieth century. Even more important is the environment of each of the countries involved as the world was on a “suicidal, Train wreck” mission. Live with the character in the early years of the great depression with the world in poverty, unemployment and environmental turmoil. Then see the sudden ending in 1939 of not only poverty, but unemployment and inflation.

Join 130,000,000 Americans, with 100% unity and dedication to stop a world being enslaved by brutal, greedy Tyrants and War Lords. Join the thoughts of young teenage boys as they face the dangers of flying eight hour bombing missions over Germany, land Marines and soldiers on 100 invasions from the sea, march across the 5,000 mile Pacific ocean, an island at a time, or keep silent for hours in a submarine, trying to escape detection, crawl through jungle grass from foxhole to foxhole, avoiding Japanese snipers and machine gunners. Climb the mountains of Italy under German 88 fire, or spend a winter in the frozen foxholes in the snow, during the Belgium Bulge Live, eat and sleep with those who did as the characters take over your thoughts and you become one of them.

The character you listen to is no more a hero than the other 130 million Americans who lived in that period. Let one who lived through it take you back to the very start of the great war that was worldwide and killed sixty million people. Live each day with the young teenage boys, who couldn’t vote or drink legally, given men’s responsibilities. The history book only gives you the tip of the iceberg. The author, using himself as the character gives you an opportunity to see the war in the Pacific from the trenches and bilges. Read the truth about the atomic bomb, its timely development, usage and far reaching changes to the world. Read perhaps for the first time about the thousands of Japanese secret suicide weapons that they had for defending their homeland, if we had landed there on November 1, 1945. Read and challenge if you will, the testimony of those who were there and proclaim that miracles from God occurred every day. Was the atomic bomb the wrath of God, or a miracle? This book may help you decide.

Put yourself into the position of a boy who grew up in poverty, with no signs of the hope of bettering yourself. Then, having been a part of a country who won World War II, the owner of the atomic bomb and an American living in the most powerful and economically solvent country in the world. You, now 20 years old have a college education of your choice paid for and unending career opportunities. Would you not see that someone, or something is helping you?

The character did not live, what others would call a “Holy” life, but have felt someone guiding and helping with miracles, that the character could not explain. Since he was twelve years old he has always known that it was not his wisdom That allowed him to accomplish the things that he did and in almost sixty-five years of business, it was like someone was guiding him. So many times, rather than a clear path, he met barriers that he had not seen before and they were removed for him. Many of the barriers that he had to face were of his own doing, but God never left him and guided him through. If you like puzzles, try to catch God’s action in the events of life. Each story that I have written is either a description of the thread, or the result of the threading.


KEN WILEY WAS BORN IN 1925 and grew up in the depression of the 30s. He was one of five brothers in WW II. He was a Cox’n of an LCVP, off the Attack Transport, USS Author Middleton, APA-25 for 20 months in the Pacific, making seven invasion campaigns. Ken is president of The Appalachian High Country World War II Roundtable; Organized THE LOCAL VETERANS VIIDEO MUSEUM and Co-Hosts the Veterans Voice, TV show.

After the war, he used his GI bill to attend Hillsboro College, Texas A&M University and Finish his engineering work at Oklahoma State University.

He serves as president of the AHCWW II Roundtable and Co-Hosts a television show VETERANS VOICE. He and his fellow WW II veterans speak to students regularly. He is married, has six daughters, ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 

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Vendor: Ken Wiley

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