Toward An Existential Philosophy of the Soul

Author: Richard Schain

ISBN 978-1-62137-599-9 (softcover)
126 pages.

Toward an Existential Philosophy of the Soul defends the reality of the human soul. It is an existential work that presents the personal perspective of the writer. Some topics considered from historical viewpoints are the nature of the soul, the spectre of 'scientism,' consciousness and the brain, creativity, death, and the mutual interrelationships of God and soul. The thesis is asserted that one's soul, considered to be the central feature of the human condition, exists within a different dimension of reality than does the physical brain with its millions of spiritless nerve cells. However, the influence of scientism has resulted in a denial of the reality of spiritual entities. The impact on society of this sea change from earlier historical attitudes has been enormous. Contemporary man has been losing his soul because contemporary monistic science will not recognize a metaphysical soul. Philosophers whose concepts have been significant for the writing of this work are discussed. The penultimate chapter considers the "death of God" and the connection of this thought to loss of belief in the existence of an interior self. Mystical experiences of God and intuitive consciousness of one's own soul are proposed to be related phenomena.


Richard Schain obtained B.A. (philosophy) and M.D. degrees from New York University. He trained in neurology at Yale University, later serving as professor of neurology and psychiatry at UCLA. His life as an independent philosopher began with the publication of Affirmations of Reality (1982). Later writings include The Legend of Nietzsche’s Syphilis (2001), Reverence for the Soul (2001), Interior Lights (2012), Souls Exist (1989; 2013), and Spiritual Pathways (2014). His essays have appeared in the electronic journal Philosophy Pathways (U.K.) as well as in book form under the titles Radical Metaphysics (2002) and In Love With Eternity (2006). His memoir Behold the Philosopher appeared in 2007.

The author developed an original form of philosophical expression “Sentences in Spaces” in which philosophical sentences are exhibited on artboards. These have been published in book form under the title Sculpting Sententiae, An Art Form of Independent Philosophy (2010).

All Schain’s writings deal with the metaphysics and significance of the interior self (the soul). The writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and Nicholas Berdyaev have been major influences upon the development of his thought.

Currently, the philosopher divides his time between Alamos, Mexico and Sonoita, Arizona with his wife Melanie Dreisbach. (

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