Turn Your Life Over

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-947532-86-1 (eBook); 978-1-947532-85-4 (softcover)

222 pages

Tammy Taylor was the daughter of Ralph and Mona Taylor. She was a cute six year old until her mother cut off her pony tails out of anger. That was not the first time nor the last time that Tammy was abused by her bipolar mother. She was also sexually abused by her father the age of eight until she ran away from home to live with teetotaler Auntie in May, 2016.

Tammy became an alcoholic. She had gotten her third DUI and faced aggravated battery charges upon a police officer.

Tammy finally joined Alcoholic Anonymous where her sponsor, Gertie, gave her assignments and visited with her weekly. Tammy had a ravenous sexual appetite and three boy friends in three months. She also has trouble at work with Serena, the boss’ niece. Tammy was fired and sought other employment.

Gertie finally got Tammy on the road to sobriety. She moved up the ranks to manager and then to branch supervisor. Later, her father became ill and came to live with her. They reconnect and amends are made by Tammy and by her father before his death.


Nancy Price was employed as a medical technologist for forty years. She has retired from drawing blood samples, looking through a microscope and crossmatching units of blood for surgical procedures. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband where retirement has given her the time to pursue her hobbies one of which is breeding the iris - the Rainbow flower. She will miss the fast pace and excitement of the laboratory, but delights in seeing a new iris in her seedling patch.  

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Vendor: Nancy Price

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