War of the Frozen Fire

Author: Jay Robertson

ISBN 978-1-62137-285-1 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-286-8 (eBook)

386 pages

Mystasia is in danger. Someone has created a spell called frozen fire. It is destructive enough to destroy entire armies and castles. The creator of the spell has raised an army that includes medusas, nagas and orcs. To make matters worse, an invisible assassin is hunting down the surviving noble lords.

To survive the spell, they must learn who created it.

The citizens of Mystasia have no choice but to turn to the dark races for help; one that is reluctant to save the country that betrayed them centuries ago.


 Jay Robertson lives in the Cariboo Interior of British Columbia with his wife, Stephanie, and his daughter, Shayla. In addition to writing novels, he enjoys writing music, enjoys camping and the outdoors.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Jay Robertson

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