Flying with El Condor

Author: Carolyn Evans Campbell

ISBN: 978-1-62137-776-4 (Softcover)

276 Pages

With an obsession to spend a night alone in Machu Picchu and communicate with Los Dios, a spirited young woman pursues adventure in Peru in 1958. What begins with Carolyn's first teaching job in Lima becomes a ten year commitment working and raising a family in South America during the Cold War years, when Communism was a dangerous threat around the world. Through a series of humorous vignettes, we follow Carolyn's romances: engagement to a Swede with a motorcycle; then finding Russ, the true love of her life, whom she marries after a three-week courtship and only one date. Together, after hitchhiking through South America and experiencing the realities of the Third World and anti-American propaganda, the couple begins growing up. Russ becomes a Foreign Service Officer in the United States Diplomatic Corps on important and dangerous assignments in Venezuela and Brazil. Russ and Carolyn leave the United States during the Happy Days, a time of innocence and optimism, and return home to a different country in the Seventies.


Carolyn Evans Campbell, a native of Colorado, is a teacher, writer, and poet in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. She has received major recognition, including the Colorado Boo Award, Pearl Poetry Prize, the Top Hand Award for five consecutive years from the Colorado Authors League, finalist for the WIlla Literary Award, and the Hackney Literary Award.

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