Cover Templates Print Friendly and PDF

To be honest, we hate templates and never thought we would use them. However, due to popular demand (and so authors can have some initial idea as to what their cover may look like), we have introduced some templates that can be used for only $50 each (or they can serve as the basis of a professional cover). If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to fill out a publishing kit, which asks for your cover preferences. You can either select your choices individually, or you can simply indicate a template number. You will need to submit the author photo and cover photo or artwork (at 300 dpi). If you need cover artwork or have special requirements, please purchase our professional cover services.

Please click the thumbnail for the pdf file of the template. Please note that these are compressed to save download time, so the actual finished product is of much higher quality. All images, book titles and author names were created for illustration purposes only and do not reflect actual titles or clients.

cover template 1

covertemplate 1
download .pdf (73kb)

cover template 2

covertemplate 2
download .pdf (99.7kb)

cover template 3

covertemplate 3
download .pdf (99.2kb)

cover template 4

covertemplate 4
download .pdf (116kb)

cover template 5

covertemplate 5
download .pdf (104kb)

cover template 6

covertemplate 6
download .pdf (83.8kb)