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Thank you for your interest in Before you submit your work, please be sure that it is completely edited and proofread (unless you plan to purchase an editing package). Text corrections consume a great deal of time (and money), so please read your manuscript one last time before submitting it. Text changes are the number one delay of books going to the printer! Please be kind to fellow authors and make sure your manuscript text is ready for the public!

If you are using Microsoft Word, you may send your manuscript in that format. If you are using WordPerfect or other word processor, please save the manuscript in Rich Text Format. Your book should be submitted as a SINGLE FILE and not individual chapter files.

If you are concerned about the security of your manuscript, please see our privacy statement.

Before submitting your manuscript, please be sure you have read our Frequently Asked Questions and have downloaded our free “Formatting Tips” booklet. This booklet and most of the information we will send you throughout the publishing process is in .pdf and requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to display correctly. You probably have it installed on your machine but, if not, you may download it here.

You may submit your manuscript in one of three ways:


  1. Via our online submission form which will allow you to upload your manuscript - FREE
  2. Via email as an attachment (if less than 4MB) with the completed submission form - FREE
  3. On a PC formatted disk or thumb drive. Please note that you should include a check for $25 to cover the additional handling we will incur.


What We Accept will consider almost all genres, as long as they are of good quality and original works of the author. However, we do not accept manuscripts that promote hate, violence or deal with New Age/Occult or eroticism (please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information). Romance novels will be considered, as long as they are tasteful. We will consider how-to and business books/booklets, as long as they contain valuable, true information and are not scams. We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript for any reason.


We will try to contact you within 7-14 working days after receiving your manuscript (we will e-mail you a verification of receipt). If you do not hear from us in that period, please use our Support Center to submit a query.

Thanks again for considering Always feel free to contact us using our Support Center.