The Awakening of Friendship

Author: Carol Olivia Adams

ISBN: 978-1-51695-044-7

120 Pages



The nine awakenings in “The Awakening of Friendship” offer a calling for every human being to look within their psyche, uncover the human principles of friendship, and embrace the universal tapestry of mankind. We are challenged to rebuild a formula for a family of friends, flow with the creative process, and engage with the human experience of friendship.

Some of these awakenings which she became aware of during healing sessions with clients are courage (the ability to speak the truth of friendship), presence of listening (honoring the spoken word of a friend), compassion (the heart is willing to understand the commonality of mankind), and the wisdom of patience (allowing the developmental steps in friendship to unfold like the petals of a blossoming flower).

“The Awakening of Friendship” will challenge you to reflect on the human principles of friendship, search within your heart, and open yourself up to the world of human beings.

About the Author

Carol Olivia Adams, inspirational writer, radio host, and intuitive counselor has coached numerous clients who have confided their baffling confusions, fears, deep-rooted insecurities and precious hopes. Carol Olivia has learned that a good intuitive counselor is a kind, sympathetic friend, more healing than any prescribed medication.


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