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The Inspired Messenger Weekly
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Why do most Authors, Speakers and Life Coaches fail miserably?

Think about it for a minute… 
I’m talking about Inspired Messengers

People with Inspired Messages can change lives.They can even change the world... They have skills, training, dedication, special gifts…
They’re trying to do what they were MEANT to do…

They’re following their hearts to do what they LOVE…
So, why is it that 97% of all
Inspired Messengers end up as
“Inspirational drop outs”
having to work at “day jobs”
and never really fulfilling their dreams?
Hello, I‘m Jenetta Barry, Vice President, Sales and Training  at
We train, advise, and publish Inspired Messengers from all over the world - from New York Times best-selling authors, to newbies, and everyone in between.

But before I say any more, I think it’s important that I share a bit about our CEO - John Castagnini
John is an author, consultant and speaker ... like you ... an Inspired Messenger.

In many ways, you might say, John was a raging success.

He keynoted internationally alongside Bob Proctor; led panel discussions with Rev. Michael Beckwith; was featured with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, in the Hollywood documentary, "Discover The Gift";  he held seminars with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. John Demartini, and he had a waiting list of prestigious clients who paid top-Dollar for his time.
But when John first set out to build ThankGodi® into a viable business, he found that he was “fresh meat” for the business vultures.

And I don’t just mean the outright rip-off artists. There are LOTS of well-meaning business vultures who think they know more than they do! It’s amazing how easily you can be bamboozled by someone who 
mutters the right buzzwords.

Talk about “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man being king”!

To make a long story short, John was shocked by how much misinformation was being sold to start-ups.

After spending several hundred thousand dollars on informational poop, it became crystal clear why so many Inspired Messenger-based businesses ended up belly up.

If your calling is to be an author, life coach, or speaker, you’re probably not a true “business type.” I can't tell you how many times I’ve heard an up-and-coming Inspired Messenger say, “I’m looking to find the right person to run my business for me so I can focus on what I love.”

Well, that’s all well and good, but the problem is – as John found out the hard way – you end up waiting…
and waiting… and waiting… as each “right person” comes and goes.

Fortunately, John didn’t sit around sucking his thumb.

He was burning the candle on both ends absorbing all he could about succeeding in business.
But the learning curve seemed daunting, like an endless swim upstream.

John had been a highly successful consultant and speaker, but he felt like a buffoon when it came to things like...

* Packaging and branding…
* Developing a website...
* The in’s and out’s of Amazon rankings…
* Building and leveraging mailing lists…
* Government rules & regulations…
* Licensing…
* Record-keeping…
*Customer service ...

The list seemed infinite!

For a while, we were worried that John’s multi-tasking would completely overwhelm him. But sometimes a breakdown can be turn out to be a breakthrough. That’s what happened with John.

Have you ever had the experience of being totally baffled by a subject, then suddenly something clicks in your brain and it all becomes crystal clear?

One day the words Business Way of Thinking” flashed into John’s head.

In every field there are a handful of leaders – the 1% whose way of thinking sets them ahead of the rest.

And so it is in BUSINESS! Energized by this realization, John started to attract amazing business geniuses who became our mentors and friends …and eventually our JV partners. Two in particular, John Kremer and Bobby Bernshausen, who I want you to meet, gave us a special one-up.

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When we published our signature ThankGodi series, we were total newbies. Yet, ThankGodi hit #1 on Amazon ...

and was featured on 
national media, including 
ABC-TV ...
The Huffington Post.

So, what exactly is this “Business Way of Thinking” that can catapult you to success? 

In a word, it’s “Insight.” When the light bulb goes off, it’s because you’ve been given a great insight. Great teachers share great insights and great insights ignite you. You’ll be amazed by how much you can bypass the learning curve when you’re around a great teacher’s insights.

While the Inspired Messenger inside you lives to move people’s minds and hearts, the sleeping business leader inside you lives to prioritize, organize, and delegate to build efficient business systems and master the details of management.

But how exactly do you choose your priorities?
What is the best way to organize? 

How do you delegate?

Inspired Messengers tend to think big when it comes to their message, which is great. At the same time, getting lost in the big picture can cause you to miss out on critical business details.

It’s my honor to share how you can live your big picture while making sure you wisely manage the crucial, everyday business details.

The Inspired Messenger Weekly gives you : 
  • One Live Session per month with book marketing maven John Kremer.

John Kremer was instrumental to Deepak Chopra's early success, as well as the success of Chicken Soup for the Soul and many others. John is the Author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.
When it comes to book marketing, especially if you self-publish or market on the internet, it’s safe to say that nobody knows more than John Kremer.

  • One Live Session per month with the founder of Virtualbookworm Publishing, Bobby Bernshausen.
Bobby has published over five thousand different authors over the past fifteen years. What’s particularly interesting, especially for authors, is that Bobby only really makes money when his clients sell books…  and not by selling them overpriced marketing and setup packages like many of his competitors. 
  • One Live Session with Mitch Russo, author of “The Invisible Organization."
“The Invisible Organization" is the CEO’s guide to transitioning a traditional brick-and-mortar company into a fully virtual organization.

Mitch, as President and CEO, merged with both Chet Holmes and internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

  • One Live Session with our very own John Castagnini.

John has the unique experience of having advised thousands of Inspired Messengers and being a highly-paid speaker and consultant himself. John covers how to balance handling both the microcosm and  the “inner work” of being a business leader. 

Each month, subscribers will also receive bonus sessions with one of our special guests, including bio and story-writing genius Lorraine Garnett, as well as top financial advisors, technology experts, and many others. 



Right now, you may not have a top quality Board of Directors or access to world-class CEO's, CMO’s, CTO's or CFO's. But NOW you can have access to some of the very best in the business. John Kremer, Bobby Bernhausen, Mitch Russo and John Castagnini have been paid thousands of dollars per hour for their time.

The Inspired Messenger Weekly gives you direct, live weekly access for a fraction of the price! It’s the A to Z on HOW to build a successful, profitable business as an Inspired Messenger on a shoe-string budget, without wasting years and thousands of dollars.
If you feel inspired to :

* Evolve your business from a solo-entrepreneur to a stream-lined company and a brand that’s in demand

* Establish yourself as a thought leader by becoming a top-selling author

* Gain access to the world’s leading authority on book marketing who 
has thousands of contacts and other resources to help you SELL YOUR BOOK

* Learn how to create a killer biography and become a stellar story teller

 * Learn how to use technology with ease to brilliantly build your business

* Make friends with and learn from the world’s top digital professionals

The Inspired Messenger Weekly is a no-brainer!

So what's the bottom line?
You already know that you can pay a small fortune to the best in any field for their advice. Our interest is NOT in making the rich richer. Our interest is in helping Inspired Messengers to reach more minds and hearts. That’s why we’ve made certain that any leader who truly wants it  can get it for only $37 a month.
And it comes with a no-risk, 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

We have taken out all of the risk because we are dedicated to your success. 

How dedicated?

When Laura Duksta first came into contact with John Castagnini in 1999, she was struggling to find her voice. John convinced Laura to fly to New York to attend one of the seminars ...

“John Castagnini is a relentless stand for personal development and transformation. My first book, and now New York Times best seller, I Love You More, was an answer to a prayer.

It became clear that prayer led me to everyone and everything I needed to bring it to manifestation.

Meeting John was clearly a part of that path. Through him I’ve been introduced to some of the greatest teachings on the planet that have been instrumental in helping to create the success I have today."
Laura Duksta,
New York Times best-selling author of I Love You More and You Are a Gift to the World

We call Laura’s 700,000 book sales a game-changer! We guarantee you that for these pennies per day, the Inspired Messenger Weekly will arm you with what you need to live your dream!

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Luan Mitchell, host of Millionaire Mentor, Voice America

The ThankGodi® …™ Book Series and community truly explores the opportunity available to all of us. ThankGodi® answered the call on my life.
Stephen Baldwin, actor
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