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So you received your royalty report and it doesn't make sense, right? We agree that it can be confusing until you get used to it, but it is the easiest way to contain all sales made directly through Virtualbookworm and through outside sales. So this page was created to help you better understand the reports.

Is there any way to know who bought my book?

Due to privacy concerns, we no longer provide this information.


Could you explain what “50% of net receipts” means again?


RETAIL PRICE - DISCOUNTS - PRINTING = NET RECEIPTS. Then we divide that number in half to find your "take."


Why is my royalty report blank?

If your report is blank, this means that no books were sold during the reporting period.


My report shows I have a balance. When will I receive my check?

We only send out royalty checks once the balance reaches $25.00. Once your balance reaches this amount, you should receive your payment by the end of the month. (Please let us know when your address changes so that your check is sent to your current address.)


How can I get my payment sooner? Do you directly deposit to bank accounts?

We do not offer direct deposit, however we can send you the money via PayPal if you prefer. This method will also allow you to receive the payments more quickly (although it will still need to meet or exceed $25 to be issued).


My report only shows that a couple of books were sold, but I know I’ve sold more. Why aren’t they being reported?

This depends on where the book was purchased. If the customer purchased the book directly through our bookstore, the order will be reported during the period that is reported. If the customer purchased the book through an outside source (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc…) the order is not reported until 90 days after the end of a period.

When outside sales are reported
January: Will be on May report
February: Will be on June report
March: Will be on July report
April: Will be on August report
May: Will be on September report
June: Will be on October report
July: Will be on November report
August: Will be on December report
September: Will be on January report
October: Will be February report
November: Will be on March report
December: Will be on April report

Why are there so many copies of my book available on Amazon when I haven’t sold any?

Many of the books you see on Amazon under used and new are actually from resellers who are obtaining the book from Ingram. In other words, most of them don’t actually have the book in stock; they have it printed and shipped when it’s ordered. If you look through the listings, some of them are actually charging more than Amazon does for a new copy! Either way, you will still receive the same royalty payment as you would for any other outside sale and it will still hit your royalty report 90 days after the close of the period in which it was sold.