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There are so many publishing companies to choose from, it’s often difficult to compare “apples to apples.” So Virtualbookworm wants to make your decision a little easier by meeting or beating the “special offers” and “sales” of other publishers.

Of course there are “little details” to this statement, but we aren’t going to place them in small print! Your book will still need to be reviewed and accepted by our staff. Once accepted, simply send us the competing offer and we will do our best to match it (although we can’t guarantee it). Obviously this only applies to similar self-publishing or print-on-demand publishers and not “traditional” publishers that offer advances.

Virtualbookworm.com will consider almost all genres, as long as they are of good quality and original works of the author. However, we do not accept manuscripts that promote hate, violence or deal with New Age/Occult or eroticism (please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information). Romance novels will be considered, as long as they are tasteful. We will consider how-to and business books/booklets, as long as they contain valuable, true information and are not scams. We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript for any reason.

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