365 Joyful Poems

Author: Lon Wartman

ISBN 978-1-63868-014-7 (softcover);
978-1-63868-015-4 (eBook)

390 pages

Once, in a park, I saw a little girl and her dad playing and laughing as she swung to and fro. I once saw a little boy, with a candy cane smile, ask an old man for a smile. I once climbed a mountain just to see what was on the other side. I once picked a flower and gave it to a friend. These are my moments, my reflections, on how we need to think, write and dream of the joyful and positive sides of life. To dwell on the negative is not a healthy and good way to live. These are choices we all must make and, in that regard, I committed myself to write lines that would not only make me feel good but lines that would help others overcome these most trying of times.

The poems in this book reflect the way I chose to endure the COVID pandemic as well as the PTSD syndrome that is brewing as I write these words. It's all about laying strong foundations for building bridges over those valleys of despair that are ingrained in our souls. Make no mistake about it — some days were good and some tore the roof off my head. So, if you have a few moments, feel free to join me on this happiness journey.

Photography and poetry are my most treasured passions. Each minute of every day is but a fleeting moment in our lives and I think of these two passions as capturing the more interesting aspects of those moments. I was raised in southwest Kansas, where I farmed and ranched for a good portion of my life. During those years, many hours were spent spinning tales in my brain as I rode a horse checking cattle or driving a tractor plowing a field. I have been involved in politics, the arts, and a variety of civic organizations. I also served four years as a commissioner of the Kansas Arts Commission and have spent the last 20 years as a commercial appraiser. Until COVID hit, my photography was a feature in the Rocky Mountain Art Gallery in Georgetown, Colorado. My wife and I currently live in Monument, Colorado.

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