A Knock at the Door - Revised Edition

by Wayne Bisek

ISBN 978-1-949756-93-7 (softcover);
978-1-951985-79-0 (eBook)

290 pages

Wayne Bisek’s life hangs ever-so precariously on the edge of a total nervous breakdown as homicidal and suicidal visions torment him that horrible night. Blood is splattered everywhere around the lifeless bodies of his beautiful young wife and their three adorable children. Suddenly, the absolute powerful presence of God comes to him in his living room and his life is changed forever. 

Wayne confronts the demons of his sordid childhood family life of poverty, misery, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. His diagnosis as a victim of the “love deprivation syndrome” uncovers some deep-rooted psychological baggage. 

With the help of his loving wife and genuine introspection, Wayne carves out a new path to love, happiness and God. 

A life begun in a clapboard house next to the stockyards, with no parental love and little to eat, leads to a family built on love.


Wayne Bisek was born in 1954 in rural Wisconsin in a town of approximately 2,000 people. He spent thirty years there. In school, he became somewhat of a local sports hero during his senior year.

As an adult, he started his own men's clothing store. Then politics beckoned, so he ran and was elected to the city council. Two years later, he lost an epic battle for the mayoral seat against a fourteen-year incumbent.

That loss spurred Wayne to leave his hometown with his wife and children to start a new life and a new career. Eventually he decided that a career in city government was not the right choice. He ended up back in business as a financial advisor.

In 1995 with his wife (Vickie Carroll) and some of his friends, he established a charity named Buckets for Hunger. That charity has now given out over $2,500,000 in grants to food pantries and agencies in twelve states and has never had any paid staff.

Wayne has fought off the demons of his love-deprivation childhood, undergone anger management courses and experienced personal psychiatric therapy in order to finally find happiness, love and God in his life and with his family.

Wayne and Vickie raised two sons (AJ and Cole) and a daughter (Melanie) to happy adult lives. He and Vickie reside in Oregon, WI, where they have lived since 1986.  

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