A Name with No Meaning

Author: Patrick Madden

ISBN 978-1-951985-99-8 (softcover)

88 pages

In the enchanted fairyland of Vanbolena, a special royal event is about to take place.

This happy event gave birth to not one, but two fairy twin princesses. One of these twins was exceptionally beautiful, but disaster strikes, affecting her as well as the moon. This exceptional princess's meaning to her name was stolen the moment she was to receive it. Without this meaning she is marked and doomed to spend the rest of her life with no magical powers, never to be happy in love, and never be able to marry. The result of this terrible disaster was kept a secret from the whole of Fairyland, as well as the twins, for sixteen years, this being the age when all wands belonging to royal fairies receive their magic. All the fairies rallied around the princess making her feel better, promising to help her. This was not enough. She was still doomed. How can she find the stolen meaning to her name?

A mystical message containing a seemingly impossible task unexpectedly appeared to the princess. Being unable to suffer the heartbreak of her unbearable life, she decided to set out and search for the one who wrote it, as it contained a message for the children of the world and how to find the stolen meaning to her name. During the search she encounters terrible dangers, resulting in a demoralised princess. Will she have the strength to overcome the twists and turns to complete her task? Or was it a waste of time and life?

Type: books

Vendor: Patrick Madden

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