American Cincinnatus

Author:Stephen Krason

ISBN 978-1-62137-984-3 (softcover)

364 Pages



America descends deeper into political, social, and cultural turmoil and her constitutional principles dangerously erode so that the old Republic established by the Founding Fathers looks like it will soon disappear. A brilliant, but obscure, professor—a deeply religious Catholic Christian of unimpeachable character—gains surprising public notice for resisting a budding scandal at his university and is sought out to enter politics in his state. He becomes the accidental governor, and after gaining attention for his bold and courageous initiatives to clean up and redirect the state’s politics is urged by many to run for President. After an unorthodox campaign for a Media Age, which features masterful organization and goes right to the people in their local areas, he is elected from a divided field of candidates. The non-politician President uses executive power in a sweeping and almost unprecedented way to save the Constitution and spawns political and cultural renewal and a grassroots movement to sustain it. Like the Cincinnatus of ancient Rome, however, power does not corrupt him and he readily steps away from it when his work—obviously guided by Providence—is done. This novel tells a striking story and educates about the realities of American politics.

Category: America, fiction, politics, rome

Type: books

Vendor: Stephen Krason

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