An Extraordinary Chicken

Author: Veronica Giles

Illustrator: Janet E. Shaw

ISBN 978-1-949756-69-2 (softcover);

28 pages

An Extraordinary Chicken is a story of extreme heroism and is a good example of how a single soul can make a difference in this world. A devastating fire sweeps through John Pennywig’s  farm. All of the chickens perish, with the exception of a lone survivor named Edie. Mr. Pennywig takes Edie to the Honeywell farm, as he has no place to keep her. The Honeywell chickens become vicious. They ridicule and attack Edie unmercifully, after which they attempt to peck her to death! An ordinary chicken named Cora stands up to the bullies. She saves Edie’s life and befriends her, proving that one needn’t be exceptional to be a heroine. You just have to be available.


I was aware of the impact one life has upon another from the time I was vey young. I was a champion orator in high school, using all of my own material. Seeing my stoic principal - who seldom spoke much less laughed - erupt into peels of laughter during my speeches allowed me to see the power of the spoken word. As a children's storyteller, I am praying my words will have as great an impact upon the young. There is too much bullying in the world today, with the many suicides among the young giving avid proof of this. It is time we all stood up for the bruised and battered Edies of this world - a world in which there are far too few Coras and too many Sarah Sues!  

Type: books

Vendor: Veronica Giles

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