Blackboards, Backboards, Politics and More: Grandpa's Last Story, A Memoir

Author: Joseph Henry

ISBN 9781621378457 (hardcover)

ISBN 9781621378464 (eBook)

372 Pages



This is the last of three memoirs written by the author. It started as purely a story about entering the teaching profession at forty-five (1989), with the trauma and challenges attached to that, but slowly evolved into a comprehensive accounting of the author's life. Educational politics (school board), Master's studies (Goodwill Games), athletic accomplishments with emphasis on running, early childhood development, raising a family, the intricacies of running for public office (State House) and a healthy dose of family ancestry are all mixed into the teacher context of the story. Dialogue and personal anecdotes are scattered throughout. There is never a dull moment. It is fast paced and intense, offering a multitude of personal perspectives and opinions on a variety of educational issues.

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