Basic English One Page

Author: George Meegan

ISBN 978-1-62137-421-3

1 page

International English One Page is the student's friend that lists all the Basic English on a single sheet of paper. It’s all you need to speak the language anywhere on the globe. The dictionary was developed by George Meegan, who holds eight Guinness World Records for traveling the planet. The one page swaps a 7-pound, 315,000 entry Random House Webster's Dictionary for 2,000 words! Learn English as a Second Language the fast, easy way. Soon, you will have "All the essential words spoken in England." – George Meegan. 

This was introduced to help those trying to learn English, but whom are all too often overwhelmed by bulky dictionaries; those containing so very many words, many of which are almost never spoken. So, I decided to simply remove those words so seldom, if ever used. Hence, the One Page dictionary. 

It’s perfect for Learning English as a Second Language (ESL). 

Travelers to English speaking countries stuff it in their packs too. 

Teach preschoolers a working vocabulary they can hold. 

A bookmark for ESL texts. Memorize a few words a day to a quick command of English. 

And do you believe that it all can be seen on just one single sheet of standard paper (both sides) and laminated for durability?! There you have it. And remember, English is just ONE piece of paper!X

Category: Academic, Educational, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: George Meegan

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