Beauty and the Budget

Author: Sandi Brenner

ISBN 1-58939-926-9 (softcover)

160 pages


A beauty reference manual with over 2300 tips, ideas, techniques and recipes for head to toe makeovers and beauty treatments. This book incorporates tricks the pros and top models use today with folk remedies and global natural beauty routines used for centuries. Increase self confidence and look great even if you have little time or money to spend. Create inexpensive (or free) custom products tailored for you that work just as well as enticing, expensive store bought or spa treatments. Use the tips and advice to solve beauty problems like flat hair, frizzies, dandruff, skin problems, acne, wrinkles, bloating, etc. Make your own custom cleansers, scrubs, masks, lotions, conditioners, styling products, powders and more. Learn techniques for makeup, hair styles, skin and hair care, hair coloring, hand, foot and dental care. Know important information regarding your voice, posture, skin tone and aromatherapy. Simple diet techniques that improve the skin and hair, and the truth about losing weight. Written with the busy and budget oriented woman in mind without the hype and egos of Hollywood experts and marketers. A straightforward resource guide without lots of filler words that you will refer to over and over again. Great for teens and men as well!


Sandi Brenner grew up in the Midwest during the 1960s and 70s when a natural approach to living was reborn by the American Hippie culture. She often experimented with homemade products for beauty treatments and health care, and used folk remedies, tips and techniques handed down in her family. As an adult she traveled extensively internationally and began picking up tips and ideas as she made contact with, and stayed with rural local families. She compiled decades of ideas, information and research, and incorporated it with modern techniques for a complete, easy to use beauty reference to keep next to the vanity table. Sandi Brenner has a Bachelors of Art Degree and Masters of International Business Administration.

Category: Body, Health, Mind, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Sandi Brenner

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