Blue Pelican Java

Author: Charles E. Cook

ISBN 1-58939-758-4 (softcover)

544 Pages

"Blue Pelican Java" is a somewhat unusual high school computer science textbook. Most computer science texts will begin with a section on the history of computers followed with a flurry of definitions that are just "so many words" to the average student. The approach here is to first give the student some experience upon which to hang the definitions that come later. The usual practice of introducing classes and objects is deferred until the student has a firm grasp of the fundamentals (loops, decision structures, etc). Thus, the beginning student is not overwhelmed by the simultaneous introduction of OOPs and the fundamentals. The book includes plenty of exercises (many in "contest" form), programming projects, and a huge appendix.


Charles E. Cook, entrepreneur and teacher, has numerous magazine articles and technical manuals to his credit, and was one of the early pioneers in voice-mail technology. He has owned and operated several diverse businesses involving printed circuit manufacturing, aerial survey/mapping, oilfield automation, software development, and sports related web sites.

Charles' real love is for teaching, especially calculus and computer science. This desire to teach, not just to inform, comes through in his writing. Cook's hobbies and interests include beekeeping, travel, and Egyptology.

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