Bully Boy

Author: Tom Wade

ISBN 978-1-63868-020-8 (softcover);
978-1-63868-021-5 (hardcover);
978-1-63868-022-2 (eBook)

282 pages

Fifteen-year-old Henry Wilton has come to the end of his line. After years of harassment and humiliation, he now must change his young life quickly. He devises a plan that forces him to confront his fears and anxiety in order to defeat his enemies in school — not just the kids, but the adults who knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it. And he must fight this war alone. A story of growing courage, bitter retribution and final redemption, Bully Boy exposes the raw nature of school abuse, and human behavior, as few novels have done before.

Tom Wade is a writer who lives in Colorado.

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Virtualbookworm Publishing

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