Cold Weather

Author: T. Farley

ISBN 978-1-947532-62-5 (softcover)

238 pages

Four families navigate a new ice age as volcanic eruptions, solar and magnetic disturbances, cooling temperatures, and falling sea levels realign worldwide geography, climate, and political systems. Follow the families as they traverse 200 years of social and environmental upheaval in a cold, harsh world that seems forever changed:

The McClain Family- Pioneers in the Owens Valley of California, the McClain’s operate a pack mule service hauling hunters, fishermen, and naturalists into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and establish a fishing camp on the shores of Owens Lake.
The Boudreaux Family- At first engaged in commercial fishing along the Louisiana coast, the Boudreaux’s fish and shrimping business evolves into a cargo, smuggling, and pirating operation across the Caribbean under a succession of female boat captains.
The Hanson Family- Exiled to the Missouri backcountry as the climate begins to cool, the Hanson’s are founding members of a small, isolated, self-sufficient colony faced with ongoing threats to the colony’s cohesion and survival.
The Sturgis Family- Carol Sturgis is last in a line of Sturgis college professors teaching climate science. A vacation to the California desert changes her life forever when she encounters the McClain Family and makes a romantic connection.


    Tom Farley was born in Los Angeles and raised and educated in southern California. Trained as a geologist, he has worked for various mining, petroleum, and engineering companies in the west and south. He currently resides in South Louisiana.  

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    Vendor: T. Farley

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