Dreams, Visions and Heroes

Author: Carolyn Smith Phillips

ISBN 978-1-60264-647-6 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-648-3 (eBook)

226 pages

Is God personal and intimate? Does He really see and hear all? Can anyone see, hear and feel God? In this follow-up to her compelling book Michael, an Endtime Sign these questions are answered by Carolyn Smith Phillips. Come take a journey with a six year old child that woke up one day at age eight with the gift of dreams, visions, angel visitations, seeing the future events and witnessing them come to pass and discerning spirits, which means she saw light in dark spirits. An eight year old child in a rural community in the fifties found herself without a Mom, having to become a mom herself to her little brother and sister, with help from her two heroes. Can you imagine yourself or your child having this much responsibility at eight?

This book is packed with wisdom, funny sayings, courage, faith, surrender, and a country lifestyle on a Virginia farm that will make you think about your own self and how blessed you really were. The simple straight-forward truths were interwoven into this child's life that made her stand out in crowds and most of the time feel like a misfit.


The Author has had a personal and intimate relationship with our Creator God since she was eight years old. She shares with her readers her hurts, disappointments, fears, and life on a Virginia farm while seeing in two worlds. What she has experienced goes against many conventional beliefs and at times still feels like a misfit.

The author's 50 plus years in having dreams, visions, and visitations along with her research on the subject and intense study of different Bible translations have accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge. Seeing beyond the five natural senses since she was eight has shaped her life, education, and interests in general. God comes alive around her and if you will listen you will fall in love with your Creator God over and over! Her fear of death and the fear of endtime events vanished and so will yours after reading her books. She lived a strict yet free life in the presence of God daily and claims He talks to her daily.

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