Felix Adler and Ethical Culture - Memories and Studies

Author: Horace L. Friess

ISBN 978-0-9897323-8-3 (softcover)

302 pages

Social and ethical questions become ever more urgent while the creedal religions speak in increasingly diverse voices. The Ethical Culture movement, founded in 1876, was early in recognizing that this would occur, and its creation made available a membership society organized for people who felt it important to adopt a moral and spiritual identification that necessitated commitment to ethical knowledge and practice. This book speaks for itself. It describes the Ethical Movement as viewed by a member of its Board of Leaders who also served as Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University. The fact that the author was a son-in-law of Dr. Felix Adler gave him a privileged position from which to prepare this personal, yet scholarly, study. While this book is not an official publication of the Ethical Culture movement, it throws light upon its origin and development and should be of special interest to those who may find in Ethical Culture an answer to their moral and spiritual quest. -Sidney H. Scheuer

Category: Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Horace L. Friess

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