Five-Mountain Morning

Author: William Bridges

ISBN 1-58939-791-6 (softcover)

186 pages

In his second memoir, Five-Mountain Morning, teacher and writer William Bridges describes a life that has stretched from the Army in postwar Germany to journalism around the world to archaeology on a remote island in the North Atlantic. This book follows Under the Heaven Tree, a childhood memoir that a critic says, "did what we all should do - not only recall our lost lives and loved ones from oblivion, but also see ourselves as links in a long chain of being that reaches dimly backward and brightly forward."

In Five-Mountain Morning, Bridges writes about lost loves, marriage and children, a writer's life, travels, and encounters with people ranging from a woman who named her cat for a Kentucky Derby winner to actress Marlene Dietrich. Bridges is a storyteller and poet whose work has been called both "beautifully crafted" and "never far removed from the daily course of things."


William Bridges has had a career divided between active journalism, teaching, and writing/editing. He has been a foreign correspondent in Germany and a newspaper editor in the U.S. and Taiwan. He is also a poet, whose 30-year collection, The Landscape Deeper In, was published recently by He has also written an earlier childhood memoir, Under the Heaven Tree.
Bridges taught journalism and English for many years at Franklin College in Indiana. He now does freelance editing and fact-checking, including recent work on an encyclopedia of the Russian North and a forthcoming book on corporate blogging. He and his wife, Karen Petersen Bridges, live in Franklin, Indiana.

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Vendor: William Bridges

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