Glasnos the Whimsical Moose

Author: Tjaakje C. Heidema

Compiled by: Sophia L. Kellis

ISBN 978-1-951985-02-8 (softcover)

114 pages

Soul mate of a moose? In Glasnos the Whimsical Moose, Tjaakje C. Heidema makes a compelling case for her identification with the gangly loner in letters to her four-year-old nephew, B.J.

In classic fantasy style, Tjaakje weaves tales of wisdom, humor, mischief and love that delight children and adults alike.

Watch Glasnos lead a sandcastle-building project on a Maine beach. Or, “T.J., teach me to swim the backstroke!"

 What’s a moose doing in Arizona leading a Santa sleigh?? Oh, he’s Randolph the Red-nosed Moose!

In another letter to B.J., Glasnos leaves the path near Superstition Mountains to “shake the dew off his lily.” He gets ensnared by a Teddy Bear Cholla and looks like he’s dancing with it!

In each letter, T.J. creates loving connection with her nephew and shares feelings of anxiety, discouragement and love in a way that helps B.J.—and all her readers—deal in positive ways with their own emotions.

Illustrations by Bailey Hodges highlight hilarious scenes. A coloring book is included.

 A perfect gift to stir imagination, humor and wisdom. This book will be enjoyed by eight-twelve year-olds, or as read to children aged four+.

Type: books

Vendor: Tjaakje C. Heidema

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