Inspire: Collection III Thoughts of the Day

Author: Douglas N. Petersen

ISBN 978-1-60264-601-8 (softcover)

212 pages

Author Douglas N. Petersen began sending inspirational thoughts and quotes via e-mail to coworkers after attending a week-long self improvement and leadership program sponsored by his employer. But this merely was the catalyst that brought him to share these inspiring messages. Petersen struggled many years with alcoholism and now as a direct result of a twelve-step program, has been in recovery for nine years, living one day at a time. His new life in sobriety has awakened his life's purpose.

Petersen began gathering his daily thoughts into a larger collection now available to the public as Inspire: A Collection of Thoughts of the Day and Inspire: Collection II of Thoughts of the Day and now Inspire: Collection III of Thoughts of the Day.

"The stress that life hands us can be challenging," Petersen says. "But it is my hope that these books will help bring the joys of life into focus for others, just as writing them has for me."
His journey and the approach to his writing are unique. But Petersen's goal isn't to set an agenda or force his views. Instead, he says, "I hope the book inspires others to focus on their own personal values and discover their personal life's purpose." Readers can capture their own reflections and thoughts by journaling on blank pages provided next to each of Petersen's thoughts.


Douglas N. Petersen retired more than 20 years ago from the United States Army, after serving more than two decades as an aviator. He is a Vietnam veteran. Since retiring from military life, Petersen has worked for a financial services company in Texas. He is an active member of a twelve-step group in helping others achieve sobriety. His hope is to inspire others to be the best they can be, by living their personal values.

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