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Liam O'Connor in "The Key to Betrayal"

Author: John Matthew Lee

ISBN: 978-1-62137-843-3 (Softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-62137-862-4 (eBook)

282 Pages



 "The Key to Betrayal" introduces us to Liam O’Connor, a retired Boston police homicide detective who lives in a small Florida town. Liam is living a quiet, peaceful, but lonely life. The tragic death of his wife, Kelley, has left his relationship with his daughter, Molley, strained. This causes Liam to question his current relevance in life.

Things take a turn when two hitmen attempt to kill Liam at his home, and he becomes the focus of a homicide investigation. Liam befriends the local police detective, John Tibedoe, and begins a romantic relationship with Officer Tina Youngblood. Liam suspects his past career has brought killers to his doorstep, prompting him to return to Boston. While traveling back, he recalls several of his past homicide investigations that provide clues as to who, and why, someone would want him dead.

Liam soons discovers the attempted hit is connected to the recent murder of a former Boston police captain and his own deceased father. With the help of his adopted brother, Liam continues to look for answers — and uncovers more than he ever expected. 


John Matthew Lee was a third-generation law enforcement officer. Like his father, he retired with over thirty years of service. John's baptism to life as a police officer came long before he took the oath to “Protect and Serve.” During his extensive career with the Sheriff's Department, John was promoted through the ranks. His fifteen years spent as a homicide detective, sergeant, and detective commander made lasting memories that triggered his desire to write. Being a husband, father, decorated officer and longtime high school football coach also helped formulate his unique storytelling perspective.

John was born and raised in California, where he graduated from Bakersfield College and attended California State University of Bakersfield. While many readers will see “The Key to Betrayal” as a mystery, he sees it as a love story.


Category: Adventure, Fiction, Mystery

Type: books

Vendor: John Matthew Lee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Kent

"The Key to Betrayal is both an easy read and a fast paced account of the tribulation that haunt retired homicide detective Liam O'Connor. As a 31 year law enforcement veteran, and a graduate of the FBI National Academy, I can confirm that the thought processes and actions taken by O'Connor, as described by author Lee, are consistent with the efforts a veteran homicide detective would take. Looking forward to a sequel."

Jerry R. Pena
Great mystery with lots of dialogue!

This is a quick read with an interesting plot and I really like the flashback of past homicide cases too. This book has "TV mini-series" written all over it! I hope to read more books about Liam O'Connor soon.

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